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Explore our range of market leading crack isolation, waterproofing and acoustic membranes.

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ECB®Crack Isolation Membrane

ECB® is a 1mm self-adhering, self-healing, sheet-applied membrane designed for use under floor surfaces that require protection from structural movement. ECB bonds permanently to the substrate while remaining flexible enough to protect against substrate movement, providing up to 10mm lateral movement per linear metre.

Strataflex® Waterproofing Membrane

Strataflex® is a 1mm high-strength, self-adhering, self-healing, sheet-applied membrane that offers waterproofing and crack isolation protection to ensure the long-term integrity of the substrate. It features a double-stick lap joint that creates a watertight seal without requiring heat or toxic chemicals.

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Super SAM® All-in-One Acoustic Membrane

Super SAM® is a premium 3.2mm all-in-one self-adhering, self-healing, sheet-applied acoustic membrane designed and specially formulated for use under floor surfaces that require impact and audible sound reduction, maintaining market leading crack protection and waterproofing capabilities.

IsoSeal® Liquid Acrylic Membrane

IsoSeal® is a one-part, ready-to-use elastomeric waterproofing membrane designed for both interior and exterior applications. IsoSeal also serves as a sealant and moisture barrier, bonding to a variety of substrates. It can be applied to both horizontal and vertical surfaces.



Explore our specially formulated, low VOC, fast drying CI Primer or our self-adhering, double-sided Seam Tape used to create perfect seals at junctions, corners and seams.

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Are you interested in our proven and lifetime performance guaranteed membranes?

Please contact us today with any questions or for further information on what product may be right for your project.

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