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IsoSeal® Liquid Acrylic Membrane

IsoSeal® is a one-part, ready-to-use elastomeric waterproofing membrane designed for both interior and exterior applications. IsoSeal® also serves as a sealant and moisture barrier that can be applied to both horizontal and vertical surfaces. IsoSeal® bonds to a variety of substrates, such as PVC, metal drains, ABS fixtures, screeds, cement sheets, and more.

IsoSeal® is an excellent solution for a wide variety of projects, including apartments, bathrooms, kitchens, restaurants, shopping centers, office buildings and any commercial or residential applications requiring waterproofing protection.

Benefits of IsoSeal®:

  • Suitable for interior and exterior use

  • Thin, low-profile membrane with superior flexibility when cured

  • Quick drying - flood test in less than 24 hours

  • Same day flooring installation

Our Key Projects

AMP Macquarie Shopping Centre, NSW

AMP Macquarie Shopping Centre, NSW

ECB® Classic, 16,000m²

By installing the ECB® Classic Crack Isolation Membrane and utilising only soft joints, we achieved a completely seamless flooring finish that is backed by our "Fracture Free" lifetime warranty. Additionally, our work aided in streamlining this project, resulting in a savings of over 3 weeks for the builder.
The Como Centre, VIC

The Como Centre, VIC

ECB® Classic, 2,100m²

For this project, we used tile-over-tile application of ECB® Classic to provide a seamless floor finish, eliminating the need to remove the existing hard flooring finish. This minimised disruptions and downtime to tenants, saving weeks of time and thousands of dollars.
Perth Airport, WA

Perth Airport, WA

ECB® Classic, 21,000m²

We were engaged to solve a lateral cracking issue in the base slabs of terminals 1 and 2 at Perth Airport. We installed ECB® Classic to protect the terminals’ flooring from reflective cracking. The end result was a lifetime guaranteed, seamless finish.
Greensborough Plaza, VIC

Greensborough Plaza, VIC

ECB® Classic, 4500m²

Tile-over-tile application of ECB® Classic was the method of choice for all involved parties due to the client’s concerns of existing floor demolition causing severe dust issues to the centre’s tenancies. This application not only mitigated the dust issue, but minimised downtime, saving time and money.

Are you in need of dependable and quick-to-install waterproofing? Choose IsoSeal® Liquid Acrylic Membrane for your waterproofing needs.

Contact us today to discuss your waterproofing needs.

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