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Australia’s first flooring solution backed by a lifetime protection guarantee against reflective cracking due to substrate movement.

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Why Choose Crack Isolation

Crack Isolation Pty Ltd is built on ensuring we achieve the best possible result for all of our customers, fostering strong partnerships and providing the highest quality and most reliable Crack Isolation system available in the Australian market.

We stand steadfast behind our industry leading lifetime warranties and performance guarantees, backed by a global track record of zero failures in 40+ years, over millions of installed square metres.

Our customers are rewarded with complete peace of mind, confident in the fact that our bulletproof solutions will protect them against reflective cracking for life, achieving project timeline efficiencies and cost savings to complete – what we consider to be – the best and most dependable Crack Isolation, Waterproofing & Acoustic sheet membrane systems in Australia.

Our Distinct Difference

Our one-of-a-kind performance guarantee and lifetime warranty, ability to generate project time savings and upfront and long-term cost benefits and efficiencies put our products in their own class within the Australian market.

We strive to build partnerships and ensure the long-term success of all projects we are involved in, with the best interests of our customers permanently front of mind. Crack Isolation is always there to help, backed by years of experience within the flooring industry and a solution for all projects, big or small.

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Our Story


After several years in the flooring industry, Crack Isolation Pty Ltd founder Noel Murphy identified the Australian market’s need for a complete Crack Isolation system.

Through extensive research and vetting a partnership was formed between Crack Isolation Pty Ltd and the USA-based NAC Products Inc. to supply and distribute their products here in Australia.


ECB®, Strataflex® and Super Sam® were then launched into the Australian market, jumping straight to the forefront of the industry with their performance guarantees and warranties.

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